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Publications & "MEDIUS" Magazine

"Medius" Institute is interested in the field of publications and publishes works of a distinguished nature in the fields in which the Institute has focused its work. Also, it publishes "Medius". Periodic magazine. The magazine is designed as a cultural, academic, essay -literature unit with exclusive items, targeting research toward scientific concept about cultural, literary, social, historical and philosophical today's debates, as well as questioning about the existence, faith and civilizations challenges facing.

The magazine aims to be part of an elite debate, guiding its orientation towards truth and factual. It’s designed as a reference for the cultural elites and university academic world, also seeks to influence the school and academic curriculum improving.



Medius Institute has the capacity to produce:

  • TV spots,
  • Documentaries,
  • Short films,
  • TV programs
  • Other stage events

which themes serve to different areas of research.

Publications of "MEDIUS" Magazine

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