seminareAs influential public activities in the opinion of different audiences, conferences, symposiums and workshops, are events that serve to improve the intellectual products of various institutions dealing with development and processing of thinking. "Medius" Institute gives special importance to conferences, seminars or workshops as intellectual events with an extraordinary contribution to the improvement of thinking. In cooperation with the homologous institutions, partners, universities, NGOs, media and state institutions, etc., "Medius", in accordance with its vision, builds successful collaborations in these public events such as conferences and seminars, in order to encourage research, and national and international knowledge exchange.

Also in the workshops, as gatherings focused on developing and predefined debating issues, "Medius" Institute try to involve groups of intellectuals from different fields focused on communication, to discuss intensively on topics such as media relations with policy, with society, business, the news in relation to the truth, media and the family, media and religion, media and art, wrong media terminology and its role in public opinion, hate speech in the media and its harm, political use of media, schematic media way of thinking.

konferencaDuring these public events, the Institute invites members of universities, students, lecturers or researchers to the field of public communication and other fields, to foster debates on the ways how to improve media-society relationship in the postmodern era. At the end, all of the works are being published in a summary, which serves as reference for academic institutions.

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